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Greater Grace University Outreach?

Greater Grace University Outreach?


Yes, we have started a blog/site for those who desire to connect students from secular colleges & universities with GGWO. We believe God has put us on the earth to relate to each other, and to Him. Many do not understand this. Our creative expression will be to link those who don’t have a personal relationship with God to a church and friends who can guide them. We are mainly Maryland Bible College & Seminary students.

We will be available on Towson University, Morgan State University, CCBC and others. Also some of our members are reaching students at Philadelphia campuses. Many meetings, parties, events, gatherings, concerts & humanitarian opportunities will exist in our community for you to connect with.

My vision is that our web presence will present a vivid taste of what our community is like, where our events are and what the content of Jesus Christ’s message is. Feel free to share with me any additional thoughts you have along these lines.

Kyle Benoit 443.310.2665